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About us

KBT is one of the Iraqi companies that work in the FMCG distribution field, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are products that sell quickly at relatively low cost. The products in which KBT distribute are owned property and they all have KBT name and logo. This company was found in 2009 by D. Kawan Barzan Khafaf, based in Slemani. The KBT products covered all Kurdistan and Iraq corners and available in all of the Markets. D. Kawan has been working in the distribution field since 2004. He started gradually with sales representatives, then he completed all the levels of distribution titles, and finally, he has established his own distribution company then his own brand. The products of KBT consist of foods, cleaning, and papers, which have been very popular and known, and is one of the famous local brands in KRG.

KBT Goals

More Products

Our goal is to have more products, so as to serve our customers and achieve their satisfaction.


We will work on expanding our business and experience a different business area.

Job Opportunity

We will support community growth and we try to provide more job opportunity for the youth segment.


KBT on K24 Satellite channel

The K24 satellite channel spoke with the importance of the campaign to help poor students and the families of the martyrs, which was carried out by KBT for the second time, and the necessity of having such campaigns by the owner of companies and empowered people

Helping Shar Hospital

With the continuation of the activities and customer service and sense of responsibility towards the people, KBT provided the necessary assistance to the doctors of Shar Hospital from Sulaymaniyah to protect them from diseases and viruses, overcome ordeal and return life to Sulaymaniyah.

Helping Mawat Preparatory School

Serving people in different categories and ages is one of the works that KBT proud of it and always insist to do it, especially for students who they are a future of this country, therefore this time KBT supported Mawat Preparatory school by renewing the playground

KBT on the Kurdsat satellite channel

Interviewing (Dr. Kawan Barzan Khafaf), owner and general manager of KBT on the Kurdsat Satellite Channel, to talk about charity works, activities and campaigns that it has performed by KBT to serve the people and the Kurdistan Region.

Helping needy students

In the continuity of its activity, KBT Company started a campaign to support needy students for the second time, this is to express gratitude to this segment of society and encourage people to take care of the students.

City cleaning Campaign

With the participation of many people in different ages, KBT company performed a big campaign to cleaning the cities of KRG, the company distributed gifts to those who cleaned a wide area, and Ms. Sara Hama Saleh was the winner of the campaign is Slemani city. KBT owner thanked all the people who participated in the campaign and those who supported completing the campaign successfully and promised to continue such kind of activities in the future.

Environment cleaning campaign

KBT announced a campaign to clean up the environment in the Kurdistan Region, and the campaign began in Mount Azmar, and TV channels talked about the campaign with importance

KBT on the Rudaw satellite channel

The Rudaw satellite channel spoke with the importance of the clean-up campaign carried out by the KBT Company. All the company’s employees participated in this campaign along with a group of young volunteers, who cleaned Azmar Mountain in Sulaymaniyah.

KBT Products

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